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Wed, 5 Aug 1998 11:01:54 -0400

"Scott Badger" <> on 08/05/98 08:07:10 AM

BM added:

>I think you'll find that the assumption that this
>is because of the "cute" factor is the reason for
>it being "arrogant sexist bullshit".

:I'm not so sure this stereotype doesn't have some basis in reality.  I am
:unable to recall the particulars but I actually do remember studies that
:determined that females were more attracted to "cute" faces.  Cute was
:defined as faces with big eyes, large head to body ratios, and other
:child-like attributes.

Can anyone else find this or a similar study? Sounds not implausible, but correlating perceptual constructions with sex and gender (not to mention culture, class) is a tricky endeavor.

:It may be rash to assume causation in this :particular case, but it may also be rash to hurl insults.

It *was* rash, and Michael, I do apologize for the outburst.