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J. Maxwell Legg (
Mon, 03 Aug 1998 18:30:04 +1200


People have said that more than 60% of my life is geared around living life as an open book via the Internet; - I agree. Our group has good reasons for doing this with an aim towards memory prosthesis and longivety. We use Ingrid repgrid software to clarify our plans and actions. Check out last Saturday's party to see what I mean at:

Michelle Jones wrote:

> JF wrote:
> > To those who see little or no value in anonymity as it relates to
> > freedom, reading the URL below will a waste of time:
> >
> >
> jf, i read your site. interesting but they failed to deal with a
> subcategorythat i am wondering about: those who voluntarily give up all
> privacy for some special purpose, such as advancing medical
> science, for instance. im neither poor nor rich, but i have nothing
> to hide from anyone, not one thing. i would post on a website
> my every paycheck and purchase, if a group were formed for some
> special purpose to do that for some good reason.
> for instance, there was an article yesterday in the news that said
> there is a direct correlation between personal income and longevity.
> this is not hard to understand for the poor: they might neglect medical
> care while trying to eke out a living, but the study showed that there
> was no point at which the curve leveled out. if a group of extropians
> were to want to learn why, and formed a group that was willing to
> reveal eeeeeeverything, well, for that im willing to strip myself
> naked, financially. spike