Michael Lorrey (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 18:30:08 -0400

Michelle Jones wrote:

> Michael Lorrey wrote:
> > A more effective thing to do to reduce the 'uck' factor is to engineer the cow to
> > be more ugly, thus reducing the 'cute' factor from which the 'yuck' factor is
> > derived. Most animal rightists, even the most casual ones, are usually motivated
> > to avoid eating animals because of what we hunters call the 'Bambi Syndrome'...
> michael, this is one of the more insightful things i have seen in some i
> watched a program about kimodo dragons, another in the room
> commented that if he had his way, every last one of those wretched
> creatures would be hunted down and destroyed. when was the last time
> you heard someone say that about deer?

Ha, yeah. Though I dunno how much TV you guys watch, but there is a funny commercial for one of the collect calling companies that shows a deer beating the hell out of a hunter (the stupid hunter had put doe scent on his hat, apparently).

> too bad kimodo dragons are not edible. {8^D spike

Ever see _The Freshman_?