re:ExI Node Net

gary zebington (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 08:15:21 +1000 (EST)

>ExI's Node Nets are in the making and I haven't quite decided on the name
>for the Extropic Arts Node Net. So far, the possible options are "LDV 2.0"
>(Leonardo da Vinci) , "Arterati", "CQsquared" (creativity quotient), "CQ2",
>or "Transhumanist Arts", "Extropic Arts" ... I have just begun thinking of
>names, so please contribute suggestions.
>A reason for not wanting to use "arts" in the name is because I would like
>to work away from arts meaning fine arts only, toward engineering the
>sensibility of arts meaning the broad range of creative modes, and modes
>yet to come.
>This Node Net will focus on the art of science and the science of art,
>current and new modes of art, and open debates about the Extropic Arts. We
>will discuss bio-tech, A-Life, Mathematic-arts, digital sound, new
>technologies enhancing the senses, etc. with invited guests and her/his work.
>I look forward to you comments and suggestions.

::Couldn't resist this, coz names are fun.
::Am new to list, so excuse if these are already-knowns.
::Some quick possibles::

::56.6 baudrillard