Transtopia mailing list & website for transhuman pioneering

den Otter (
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 19:59:24 +0200

For those interested in starting a transhuman island community/nation and other wealth & freedom related issues like online businesses, Y2K problems, self-defense etc., there's a new mailing list and website
(under construction) at

To subscribe to the list you can either send an email with "subscribe transtopia" to me, or do it yourself at

Note: parts of the website are a bit slow loading due to fancy graphics
(these may be removed when we have some more text ;) You can simply
ignore the graphics and scroll down to the texts if you're in a hurry. Also there's an annoying pop-up window (well, it's a free site...), wich can best be "minimized", not terminated, or else it will pop up and reload on every new page.