Re: This is not just John K Clark

J. Maxwell Legg (
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 14:47:36 +1200

This thread seemed to me to have had an indeterminate ending. From my knowledge of calculus 0/0 is a fundamental ratio which can in fact mean anything. In other words 0/0 could mean one or it could mean two depending on the continuing nature of the function at hand. Therefore:

2*(0/0)=(0/0) could be simplified to

2*(1) =(2)

This is not so absurd afterall.

> Using basic algebra this can be simplified to
> 2*( A^2 -A*B) = A^2 -A*B
> Now just divide both sides by A^2 -A*B and we get
> 2 = 1
> The conclusion is absurd so the assumption can not be correct, the copy is
> not the same as the original and Mr. Clark does not know his ass from a hole
> in the ground.