Man vs. Machine

Michelle Jones (
Thu, 23 Jul 1998 18:58:51 -0700

the news media do not seem to have noticed another milestone in machines immitating human intelligence has been passed with the world's second highest ranked chess player (vishy anand) falling in a match to a computer. you recall world champ kasparov lost to the ibm mainframe deep blue last summer, but the kicker is this: the mighty anand lost to a 450 mhz pc, running commercially available software, rebel ten.

of the 8 game match, 4 games were blitz (game in 5 minutes) result: silicon 3, carbon 1.

2 games were semiblitz (game in 15 minutes). result: silicon 1, draw 1.

2 games were tournament speed (40 moves in 2 hours). result :carbon 1, draw 1. final score silicon 4, carbon 2, drawn 2. congrats silicon! spike