Re: Gun Extropy

Ralph Lewis (
Thu, 23 Jul 1998 10:23:01 -0700

Of course a smart person might opt to live in a safe area and avoid high crime areas. BUT public policy appears to wish to have equal opportunity crime fostered by such mindless policies as Section 8 housing, demand that all areas have low income housing units, school busing, public transportation, etc.

Best Ralph

>ya know, one of the most exasperating things about this list to ME, is
>that (only some) people who call themsleves futurists, find this way of
>using the oldest thinking in the book... this is the old "if only
>criminals have guns" argument, but neatly turned into an emotional ploy
>for wanna-be techno-better-thans.. being a superhuman techno-geek is a
>good thing, but it sure doesn't seem to qualify much emotional IQ...
>Listen - shooting a gun at someone, in itself, is a lame, neanderthal
>thing to do, whether you are being attacked or not. A smart person, an
>ADVANCED person, or if you like and EXTROPIC person, would have either
>PREPARED themselves (so they don't get in that kind of circumstance) or
>have a better game plan than that... messy - old fashioned - crude...
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