Re: Are guns extropian?

Michael Lorrey (
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 17:53:37 -0400

Hara Ra wrote:

> I don't believe in the history of public health that snipers were used for
> any purpose. It's a lot simpler to change the building code and tear down
> and destroy sources of disease. And I don't find many snipers at my local
> restaurants either.

HA HA! I've got you on this one!!!! During the Spanish Flu epidemic of the 20's, the only community in North America that had absolutely no cases of this flu did so by enacting a policy of posting guards at the edge of town with orders to shoot anyone from the outside who refused to turn away. This was a small community in Alaska.

Too bad I didn't make a bet with you on this....I'm too nice.

Mike Lorrey