Re: Ethics

root (
22 Jul 1998 05:31:49 -0700

Daniel Fabulich <> writes:

> Stealing is definitely profitable, and to the extent that it is (and no
> further) egoism demands that we steal.

Bull shit. Are you at the philosophy department at Yale?

> In this example, suppose that you were enslaving your victim. Sure,
> you'll never have the opportunity to trade freely with your victim again,
> but if you're doing it right, you're making much more off of this person
> by enslaving them than you ever could have by trading freely. The pie

Hah! Shows how much you know. What if that person you enslaved was Thomas Edison, or James Watt, or Galileo, or John Galt? There is no way you can put a limit on a free man's value to you. Even a SINGLE free man. You must be a philosophy PROFESSOR at Yale!

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