Re: Misattribution of messages to me!

Harvey Newstrom (
Mon, 20 Jul 1998 11:01:26 -0400

> My apologies. If anyone can tell me how to make Eudora Pro put the actual
> poster's
> name on the attribution line when I reply to the Exi List I would be
> grateful. It's
> a drag to cut and paste, cut and paste,,,,,,,,etc.

It's the old "Reply" vs. "Reply-to-All" problem in another form. At least for my Eudora Pro (on a Macintosh), if I "Reply-to-All", it automatically puts the attribution line because it knows I'm talking to multiple recipients. If I "Reply", it assumes that I'm only replying to a single person called "extropians" and doesn't put any attribution. My MacSOUP program has the same problem. You might try "Forwarding" the message to extropians. I think this quotes everything and puts an attribution, but then you have to manually address it to extropians because it doesn't know where you are going to "Forward" it to.

I guess there's no way for the programs to tell that "" is a mailing list and not a single person? It seems like the programs should realize that the "Reply-to" header which we are replying to is different than the "From" header, so it should attribute the quote.

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