Re: [UPLOADING] Uploading

Bryan Moss (
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 22:31:04 +0100

Harvey Newstrom wrote:

> > > Suppose my copy and I want to move the table
> > > to one side.
> >
> > Both of you point to your left and see the
> > other pointing to your right no divergence.
> I never claimed a divergence in what they see.
> I claimed a divergence in which wall they point
> to. They are not pointing toward the same wall.

Says who? Prove to me that it's not the same wall. Prove to me that these are two different people.

> > Agree? You can't even strike up a conversation
> > you're talking to yourself.
> Pointing doesn't require talking.
> They point. They disagree.

They both point to their left, they see both of their copies point to their right, where's the disagreement?

> > So you decide the walls are different and to
> > check you write your name on the left-hand
> > wall.
> Why are you ignoring my test and rewriting one
> of your own? I agree that you can invent a test
> that doesn't prove you wrong. I am more
> interested in your response to my test which
> does prove you wrong.

I'm just amazed at your theories of location and indentity. Tell me, what makes the walls different in this test? How can we tell they are different? How do you know there are two different people?