Y2K computer solution?

den Otter (neosapient@geocities.com)
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 17:37:50 +0200

>From http://www.pcfix2000.com/

PCFIX2000 is the result of over 4 years of research. We've worked with hundreds upon hundreds of PCs and have discovered all manner of problems that can come from the BIOS Software or the CMOS Clock. We built a matrix of BIOS Software and Clock chip faults, resolved the required 'fix' for each fault, and finally coded it into a utility program that executes whenever your system is powered up or reset!

PCFIX2000 tests and corrects the date according to our selective algorithm whenever it is required, then it goes away. PCFIX2000 passes a valid date to the Operating System and CMOS Clock.

Unlike most other utilities, PCFIX2000 provides automatic adjustment to both the operating system and hardware clock and flawlessly handles Year 2000 transition and date adjustments; even AFTER 1-01-2000!

PCFIX2000 also handles ALL LEAP YEAR Clock adjustments including automatic date recovery for MISSING LEAP DAYS. There are no critical BIOS dates or CMOS Clock limitations with PCFIX2000 because it adjusts for every BIOS and Clock from every properly functioning IBM compatible PC.

PCFIX2000 Installation is a snap because the installation program is very user-friendly. No complicated instructions, no configuration hassles and no headaches. PCFIX2000 truely is the UNIVERSAL PC YEAR 2000 HARDWARE FIX! Nothing else even comes close.

PCFIX2000 will enable all properly functioning IBM PC compatable systems to pass all date/time tests for 2000 compliance.

We are so convinced about the universal capability of PCFIX2000 we guarantee that once installed on a non-compliant PC, it will remain hardware 2000 compliant for the life of your PC or we will give a full refund.