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>If you are standing in a room looking at an *exact* duplicate
>(except for position) of yourself, do you imagine that you would
>be unable to tell which person you were?

Certainly I'd know which person I was, I'd be the one who was staring at something that looked and acted just like me. If the room had no windows had cylindrical symmetry and both bodies were standing an equal distance from the center then there would only be one conscious being in the room. If I wanted to complicate things a little more I could, just for fun, extend the optic nerve, perhaps by some radio link, so that the image that the eyes one body received would be sent to the brain in the body of the other, but absolutely nothing would change because the signals were identical.

If the room did not have cylindrical symmetry then the information they received from their senses would be different so they'd diverge and there would be two conscious being in the room. Both would think they were John Clark and both would be correct.

>It *does*, IMHO, matter what continuity of experience is possible.

Not that it matters but just out of curiosity, In what way does an Upload or a copy lack continuity of experience?

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