Re: [UPLOADS] Not Getting anywhere

Harvey Newstrom (
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 13:06:49 -0400

> On Thu, 16 Jul 1998, Harvey Newstrom wrote:
> > John K Clark said:
> > > Let me ask you a question, if you're right and I'm wrong then why
> > > don't you feel like your consciousness is trapped inside a small
> > > container made of bone?
> > I *do* feel this, that consciousness resides in the brain.
> Really? You're keener than most. The Egyptians felt their consciousness
> in their livers, for example. Or did you mean to say that you happen to
> KNOW that your consciousness resides in the brain, but don't actually
> *feel* that?

You seem surprised. Are you agreeing that consciousness resides in the brain, or disagreeing. I think that it is obvious that consciousness resides in the brain, and that different states of consciousness correspond with different measurable states of the brain function. John seems to think that consciousness resides outside or unconnected to the body or brain, and has no spatial location.

As for your second question, I'm unsure what you're asking. All scientific evidence shows the brain to be responsible for consciousness. My "feeling" or "sensing" on the matter has little to do with scientific determination.

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