Re: [UPLOADING] Is the original alive?

Harvey Newstrom (
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 13:06:45 -0400

> It's a waste of time to ponder whether the
> original identity survives "as" the dupicate. The facts are that the
> original is gone and we will never know.

Strangely, I see this as the ultimate question. My whole interest in uploading is to extend my own lifespan beyond death.

> How will this effect your successful adaptation to your
> environment? Will your family and friends grieve the loss of the original
> or really accept you "as" him. There's a great potential for isolation,
> depression, anxiety, etc. As Robin indicated, these matters are more
> salient and meaningful than debates over the unknowable (I hope I'm not
> mis-characterizing your comments, Robin).

Strangely, these are the unknowable and unanswerable philosophical question in my view. I see these questions as meaningly and moot.

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