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>If what you say you were thinking matches

So key to the Randall Test is observing the behavior of other people, exactly the same as in the Turing Test.

>what I remember you thinking, the we can safely assume that you were
>thinking that, I think. :) This takes it a step beyond Turing Tests.

It does nothing of the sort. Both tests depend on you making assumptions about the connection between certain sounds I make with my mouth and my subjective feelings. The assumption could very well be correct, I have a hunch they are, but you'll never be able to prove it.

>Any *particular* consciousness *must* have a spatial location.To say
>that it does not is the same as saying that it doesn't exist at all.

Why? Where is the spatial location of green, or fast, or the number eleven? Don't these things exist?

>but I can order my memories by "first" and "last", without any
>sensory data, so it can detect time.

That's remembering the past not detecting time, besides a sequence need not specify time, six did not come into existence at a later date than five. Without senses just how would you detect that I stopped your brain and then restarted it?

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