Re: Disorders

Eugene Leitl (
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 20:10:20 +0400 (MSD)

Michael Nielsen writes:
> handled right, give those women greater opportunity to increase their
> extropy.

If "increasing your extropy" means the same as Doing the Right Thing(tm), ok. I just hope we all realize the specialization of human genders becomes an atavism in a drastically changed environment of post/trans/whateverhumanity. Even if the things material mutate into degenerated mindstuff, I hope at least the virtual realm will be inhabited by many memetically diverse species, radiating from us-founders.

> > (why, I certainly do see a pattern here, as well to
> > the homosexual males' being statistically relevantly overpresented),
> On what basis do you draw that conclusion? In fact, could you explain
> what you mean, there; what does "relevantly overpresented" mean? Do you
> mean "relatively over-represented"?

Yup, sorry. My English is notoriously sloppy. On which basis? Just anecdotal evidence. Of course we could do a poll to put a finger on it. Of course there is multiple bias of being a bunch of english-speaking self-selected frustration-tolerant online neophiles with too much free time on our hands, but still. See, the cryonics folks are weird, too.

> > and is this of any (more) relevance to the list than the permanent
> > gun(ho)/anti-gun debate?
> Well, of course it's relevant to the list. Discrimination on the

As a libertarian I have nothing against weaponry, it's just the amount of discussion bandwidth allotted to it that's obviously out of proportions. YMMV.

> basis of gender or sexuality (or anything else) which results in people
> being "kept down" _unfairly_ certainly minimizes their extropy. I'll

Of course there are also very vocal lobbys using every opportunity to promote their case. Dunno what it does to their mana/karma/extropy.

> agree that the gun debate is rather beside-the-point, though.

Yup. Let's tag the subject with GUNS, or move it off-list, altogether. Er. Did I already told you about that shiny new AK-47 {scream fading off into pink noise}


> Michael Nielsen