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On Tue, 14 Jul 1998 21:56:48 -0700 (PDT) John K Clark <> writes:

>If you read my memories you would certainly have a subjective experience
>some sort, but if you exclude behavior can you give me one scrap of
>that you were reading my mind correctly and your feelings were anything
>my subjective experience? If you don't want to exclude behavior then
>Turing Test works.

If what you say you were thinking matches what I remember you thinking, the we can safely assume that you were thinking that, I think. :) This takes it a step beyond Turing Tests.

> >as that is the only way such a memory could be produced.

>That part is certainly untrue, all the memories from my childhood could
>been produced by nano machines 5 minutes ago.

Yes; I should have said, "produced in the human brain".

> >I only have to *know* that you thought about being conscious,


> >is the same as being conscious.
>Actually, except when I'm arguing Philosophy on The Extropian List I
>think about being conscious.

The important thing is that you can consider it.

> >But if no one died, who is that dead guy?
>I don't see any dead guy, I just see a bunch of nasty looking

I'm sorry to hear that.


> >Did the consciousness inside him magically jump to the other

> >John Clark and combine with it?
>It didn't have to jump because if consciousness has a spatial location,
>is doubtful, it's certainly not where the brain is but where the senses

Any *particular* consciousness *must* have a spatial location. To say that it does not is the same as saying that it doesn't exist at all.

>The brain by itself has no way of detecting position, or time for that

Not position, yes, but I can order my memories by "first" and "last", without any sensory data, so it can detect time.


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