Re:Harvey Newstrom vs. United Utilitarians PPL

Joe Jenkins (
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 15:19:57 -0700 (PDT)

I just thought of an alternate ending to my last post.

Joe Jenkins String 1: Wait! Wait! I know the issue here is only a matter of losing 5 minutes. But now that I think about it, your 5 minutes has been much more of an experience than mine. I think it would be beneficial to remember the feeling you were having just before you were about to push the button.

Joe Jenkins String 2: I think your being a little silly here debating this in the wastland of realtime when you could be back at 1000x by now. We both know its no big deal which one of us goes. However, I have to agree my 5 minutes has been more of a learning experience than yours so I'll go along with this crazyness. Go ahead and push your button.

Joe Jenkins String 1: Okay here goes .....

Joe Jenkins String 2: Wait! Wait! Now your few minutes has been more valuable because you've experienced the feeling just before hitting the button plus the experience of what it feels like to make the suggestion that you take the plunge instead of me when I was perfectly willing to do the dirty deed.

Joe Jenkins String 1: Okay, Go ahead and push your button.

Joe Jenkins String 2: Okay here goes .....


Joe Jenkins String 1: Okay this has gone far enough why don,t we just flip a coin. Heads I win tales you loose.

Joe Jenkins String 2: Very funny. Don,t forget who your dealing with here. Heads I snuff it, Tails you snuff it.

Joe Jenkins String 1: Agreed.... And its tails. Now you get on back to your speedup, I,ve got a date with a big red button. Swoooooooosh

Joe Jenkins

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