Re: [UPLOADING] Uploading for Dummies

Harvey Newstrom (
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 00:54:50 -0400

> When I was tackling the issue of uploading for myself, I had a lot of
> difficulty with the question of what does it mean for me to survive.
> As a result I developed a thought experiment to try to resolve some of
> the issues.

Great thought experiment! But I do not think anybody would object to this procedure. It is a red herring. The objectionable procedure of uploading involves taking a brain that is capable of conscious thought and growth and destroying it. Your example doesn't do that. The objectionable procedure takes a whole body and makes it cease to function all at once. Your example doesn't do that. The objectionable procedures requires the copy be made first, and then the total number of living viable copies be reduced by one. Your example doesn't do that. Nothing in your example appears to be murder.

You haven't explained why the murderous-appearing part of uploading is not really murder. You created an example that lacks this facet, and then declare that the problem isn't there. In your example, you still are the one-and-only biological human claiming to be you. You have not copies or moved your consciousness to another body. This is a very interesting example, but it is not an example of uploading of making copies of consciousness. Therefore, the example does not explain or resolve any of the questions resulted therefrom. (In my humble opinion.)

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