Re: Are guns extropian? (Yes they are)
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 23:28:35 EDT

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> >The point is that it is rather strange that people who deeply dislike

> >guns because they're "dangerous killing machines", think so positively
> >of the future, which will deliver powerful tools of (mass) destruction
> >into the hands of more people than ever before.

This IS an interesting point.

Suppose that how we deal with such minor nuisances as guns be considered a "trial run" or a "learning experience" in regards to dealing with the much more serious "powerful tools" anticipated in the future.

Are we learning anything?

I've heard that in a technological society it is IMPOSSIBLE to ban weapons. I beleive this is true. In doesnt seem that the government is doing all that well banning weapons (and drugs) in their prisons...much less in society as a whole. This would seem to indicate that no matter how many laws are passed...nor how stringent the punishment...guns(weapons) and drugs will still be available.

As technology advances it would appear that the "guns and drugs" will get more potent...AND more difficult to control.

Given this would appear that a method of "living with it" should be developed. As has been mentioned it would seem that where there are less restrictions on guns (concealed carry laws...certain "lenient" states) then individuals tend to be more responsible in the use of guns. Likewise I've been led to understand that the same logic follows in regards to drugs. I don't know for sure but I understand that in certain European Countries there are much less drug restrictions than in the US and much less "abuse". Once would appear...that increased freedom leads to increased responsibility.

Keeping this in mind perhaps we should be working toward a more responsibile populance...because someday sooon the REALLY nasty weapons will become available.