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Sorry if this isn't timely.

There is no such thing as a "gay gene". Homosexuality is not genetic, but environmental. The Study previously refereed to in this thread was done of women who were at Dresden during the bombing, and were pregnant. Their male offspring were homosexual at at rate of 80% in stead of the societal average of 10%. Homosexuality is caused by the underproduction or overproduction of a certain hormone in the mother during the gestation of the fetus (I believe in the third trimester). It has been documented that regulating this hormone in rats can create butch or effeminate homosexual rats, as well as straight ones. It should be noted that this applies to male rats only, there was no correlation found for female rats. All of this information can be obtained in the Discovery Channel's special called "Brain Sex". I belive these studies are referenced and explained in the third hour of the documentary.

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