Re: Web Content Organisation

Dwayne (
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 20:22:29 +1000

Yak Wax wrote:

> One idea I had was to organise
> everything over a future timeline, but giving dates for predictions
> isn't my favourite pastime. One thing that did interest me was the
> recent discussion on organising predictions according to probability,
> but I've yet to think of an easy way to implement it on the web. The
> basic premise of what I'm trying to do is make it a 'walk through the
> future' whatever that means.

Something you might want to consider is allowing people to vote on when they think a future development is likely to occur. After a while, you'd have something which, while unlikely to be accurate, might give you a good feel of how optimistic/pessimistic people are about the likelihood of differing technological advances.