Re: Improving Humanity Through an Automated Workforce..

Dan Clemmensen (
Sun, 12 Jul 1998 19:37:28 -0400

Dwayne wrote:
> John Heritage wrote:
> >
> > Does anybody here believe there will be a Star Trek future where all we
> > will have to do is spend time improving ourselves through whatever means
> > necessary? ie: The idealistic society where all of our food needs,
> > clothing needs, etc etc are taken care of by educated/intelligent machines
> > & computers?.
> Not only do I think it *could* occur, I think it *should* occur.

Is a "Star Trek future" a future where humans roughly equivlaant to today's humans in intelligence live in a world full of extemely high technology? If so I consider it a fantasy. A Star Trek level of technology is far more than sufficient to permit massive intelligence augmentation. There is no reason to believe the resulting intelligences will live as humans do.