Re: My thoughts on guns.

Fri, 10 Jul 1998 18:37:55 -0400

At 12:48 PM 7/10/98 -0400, Christopher Whipple wrote:

>Guns as tools?
>Well, they certainly are working agents in memetics.
>"You change your ideality, or I'll shoot you",

IAN: Or how about: "Turn in your guns
or I'll shoot you" ? The case for gun CONTROL is a case FOR guns, specifically for one group (the Govt) having them all and one group (The People) having none. Power to The People, er, I mean Govt!

>Hatred begets hatred, violence begets violence and guns beget guns...

IAN: It's a clear error to imply that gun control is anti-gun, when it is
definitionally pro-gun-fascism. When
has a law been enforced by a Govt
that used no guns to enforce the law?

It's like Karl Marx's "anti-Capitalism" based upon the Communist Party Platform that states in its fifth plank:

     "Centralization of credit in the 
     hands of the State, by means of 
     a national bank with state capital 
     and an exclusive monopoly."

"Anti-gun" laws are as "anti-gun"
as communism was "anti-capital."

In short, the "anti" in "anti-X law"
doesn't refer to the 100% abolition
of X, but rather the transfer of
All X to the central authorities...
a phoney pretext for totalitarianism:

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