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>Yes, I've read about these on the net. The usual configuration is
>a truck-mounted electrified water cannon that can be used against
>crowds. Another interesting potential police weapon is a sort of
>super taser that's integrated into a police car. In a chase, a
>harpoon on a wire is shot into the rear of criminal's car, and
>a powerful current fries the car's circuitry, stopping the engine
>and the chase. There are no harmful side effects to the car's
>occupants, besides being arrested of course.

I take it you accessed the Jaycor website. Due to some small problems with physics, the 'harpoon' idea cannot work, too bad for them. The inductance of the wire to the harpoon prevents the electric charge from having a risetime quick enough to induce currents in the engine controls that could stop the target car.

Our company is marketing a rocket propelled pulse generator that actually passes under the target vehicle, and has produced over two dozen kills in actual use, although no one has yet tried this in a real police chase. With luck, that may be remedied before fall..

Check out for our vision..

By the way, Jaycor is the company with the patent on the water cannon. One implementation uses a single stream with a pad on the shooter's foot completing the circuit through the ground. Real bad idea if the shooter lifts that foot while firing..

>I've been thinking about a more modest device myself, namely
>a stun gun/pepper spray combination (one weapon). This would
>allow you to temporarily disorientate the attacker with the spray,
>so that you can move in and zap him. An additional feature could
>that the stun gun has different settings for intensity levels,
>so that the shock can be adjusted to the target. This is
>especially handy for police use (all those poor unarmed
>bobbies should have one, for example).

These exist. Do a search on non-lethal weapons and you will find suppliers. Adjustable force projectile weapons are currently under study by the National Institute of Justive (NIJ).

>The anti-crowd version may work, but it probably never be much
>of a side arm. Could be a fun sport though, like paintball.

Remind me not to get in front of you when you are in a 'fun' mood! :)

>Could mediums such as water be used by the sound waves
>to travel over great distances to a kill zone (where possibly
>waves from different locations converge and amplify eachother) with
>lethal results to man and beast? If so, submarines, or surface
>ships, could be fitted with powerful sonic guns instead of
>torpedoes and depth charges. One would think that their nuclear
>power plants could generate quite some energy for a shockwave.
>It's certainly a very "clean" and discrete weapon, and leaves
>no traces (a pocket version would be a great murder weapon,
>causing heart attacks and strokes without leaving any tangible

Definitely - any beat-note interactions that work in air should work in water, with many times the power density possible. Think of three or more ships fitted with these devices ringing in an enemy vessel from outside of visual range, and coordinating their outputs to produce explosive cavitation directly under the hull of the target. Just like the explosion of a torpedo, it could break the ship's keel..

I would like details on the pocket nuclear powered death ray...

Chuck Kuecker

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