Question Regarding Acceleration

John Heritage (
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 10:15:34 -0400

1 G in acceleration is 32 feet per second, per second, right?

That means if I'm accelerating in my race car (which I plan to do tonight at the local drag strip), with slicks.. if I cover 32 feet in < 1 second, I've pushed for more than 1 G "off the line", and if I cover 96 feet in < 2 seconds, I've accelerated at more than 1 G for the first 100 feet, basically, right?

(I'm making a bet that i can pull > 1 G in the first 60 feet of the track with a friend, and he believes it is completely impossible for a street car w/slicks to accomplish this)...

Just wanted to make sure my math was okay..


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