Re: Are guns extropian? (handguns or all guns?)

John Heritage (
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 08:05:23 -0400

>The bottom line: I think guns are low-tech, old-style tools. They are not
>futuristic, intelligent technology. Guns destroy someone else's future
>to limit their potential. (Hopefully because that person's future plans are
>deemed to be "bad".) They do not create options or expand future options.
>Guns are only useful in negative situations that are not progressing in an
>extropian-desireable manner.

Well, when you define guns, I guess you are defining them as conventional old style weapons that shoot physical projectiles.. Is an Ion Cannon that destroys an incoming asteroid that could destroy our planet earth a low tech old style tool/gun, or a high tech useful gun ? .. those are the kinds of useful weapons I was referring to that can be categorized as a "gun"..

If you are referring to handguns or handweapons, your message was, in it's entirity, correct...


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