Re: Are guns extropian?

Max M (
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 09:17:19 +0200

From: Harvey Newstrom <>
Subject: Are guns extropian?

>I don't want to say guns are bad, or argue about guns per se.

As a European it seems obvious to me that guns or no guns is a choice. There are basically two scenarios. "No guns at all", which most European countries wants, and "at least a gun pr. person." which many Americans wants.

Many of you Americans feels in your hearts and souls that you have the right to defend youreselves with guns, and I can fully appreciate this. I don't agree, but then we don't have to.

All this throwing statistics around is just a mental exercise in interpretation. (statistics, more statistics and damn lies :-)) It is really just a way to justify ones oppinions. I find it pretty fruitless though.

One thing is for shure. For most Europeans this gun debate is a complete turn-off, and can be a very negative factor when reading this list. There is far to much debate on this list concerning guns!!!!

Normally I as a European don't consider guns at all because I don't have to. I don't even consider violence because it has no place in my daily life. (Murders pro capita here in Denmark is 1/10 of that in the States.)

Doesn't this Gun debate belong someplace else???? I cannot for the life of me se what it has got to do with Transhumanism and Extropy. Also it is a very American problem. Most Europeans doesn't have it and doesn't want it and don't se the gun debate as a problem at all because it doesn't exist and no one miss it.

Just a Danish/Scandinavian/European POW.


Max M Rasmussen
New Media Director