Re: Guns in Florida

Harvey Newstrom (
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 02:34:38 -0400 gives examples of anti-gun media:
> And since new news media is rabidly anti gun it's not difficult to imagine
> what they will report or how they will report it.

You are probably right, but... Currently in Florida we have:

- a two-year old who shot his mom
- an old man holed-up in his house shooting at passers-by
- kids taking guns to school and trying to shoot teachers
- a man resisting arrest with a gun
- a drive-by shooting, possibly drug related

... all reported on the news while I am writing this. This is a typical day in one local Florida town. And I live live in a cow-town with barb-wired fences and swamps. I'm not saying it's the wild west, but it isn't a crime-free paradise either. Don't anybody move to Florida thinking that the crime rate is low. It's not.

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