Re: Are guns extropian?

Harvey Newstrom (
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 02:34:36 -0400 said:
> Yeah...reality sucks.
> The fact of the matter to the best of my understanding is that you either have
> to be well enough armed yourself to deter agression ....or pay someone to do
> that little chore for you. Other wise the social predators run amok amongst
> us.

I think good martial arts training and self-defense would be more effective than pulling another gun in a dangerous situation.

> And I agree with what you said. (including that which I didn't copy)...but I
> don't see any solution with present day implemented technology.

I think we agree on the situation. If you aren't promoting guns as a goal for an extropian future, but rather as an unavoidable evil right now, then we are agreed.

> So what to do? My guess is that it's up to you.
> Scientists, Technicians and Engineers I mean.


> Absent something similar I see no change is our current situation...until all
> the boys grow up that is....the ones who survive.

I think technology will be developed for personal protection without having to resort to attacking others. Detecting weapons before they get close, disabling weapons, shielding oneself all are more directly related to safety than spreading weapons around so everyone will have them.

It seems we are agreed on goals and "wishes" for the future.

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