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Thu, 9 Jul 1998 01:17:48 -0700

doh...go on vacation for a week and miss a good dust-up over only comment is to agree that "creationists" are no more a monolithic group than are "scientists" or "taxi drivers". And no, they don't all think the universe is 4000 years old...

re information:
I wrote:
My own intuition is that the
>Universe is actually a big lump of instantiated MATH. The math is not so
>much a processing system, but a description of the way information CAN
>interact with itself. A facile analogy is to throw a bunch of cubes into a
>box and start shaking it. Sooner or later the cubes will start lining up.
>This is not due to a system "processing" the cubes but simply reflects that
>the shape of cubes is such that they can stack neatly in a certain

and Hara Ra replied:
"Well ... you need both the description AND its instantiation. In this case, the description of the cubes is the math, but the cubes themselves and shaking the box are also needed. And these days it is abundantly clear that having only the description is not going to be much help in describing what happens."

You've missed the don't need no description. Them cubes will line up however they are "described". Its what cubes do. And I don't know what your last sentance means, except that the "abundantly clear" reminds me of people who give you soon as they say "you can't miss it" you know you're going to get lost.

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