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> << No, merely outcompete them. Government is already a serious drain on the
> economies of the world and cannot last much longer in its present state.
> Possibly not even eighteen months, if we're lucky.>>
> Our economy is doing wonderfully, we're turning in budget surpluses, the
> people are even satisfied with our scandal-ridden president, and you think
> that there's a significant chance of government ending in 18 months?

Yes. Since the IRS has not succeeded in upgrading/fixing even a few percent of its computer system to Y2K compliance, when fiscal year 2000 comes along (on July1 1999) less than a year from now, they will begin to lose track of how much corporations owe, and when January 1, 2000 comes, they will have no idea how much any of us actually owes them. As it is, their network is so screwed up that at any one time there are an average of six completely different tax asessments on each person on the IRS network.

> <<>Are you kidding? It's not the train or bus ticket (about 35 dollars or so
> >every few hundred miles via Greyhound) it's the finding a place to stay and
> a
> >job after one arrives at where ever one is going.
> So they can afford to move, they're just scared of doing it? Personally
> I could have worked as much as I wanted when I was living out of a
> backpack in 1996, I just didn't want to be programming Windows apps
> when I had better things to do.>>
> It's not the moving it's the settling that's the problem. Particularly if one
> has to worry about a family. What about those with children or parents or
> spouses requiring the kind of accessible, good medical expertise that is
> generally found near cities? The point here is that moving is not nearly as
> easy as you seem to think for enormous numbers of people.

Only because they make it so. There is no need to worry about many of the things people claim they ''need", when they are that distressed and are trying to make a fresh start. People purposely complicate their lives. I've simplified my life in the past three years so much that I can live on $12,000.00 per year rather comfortably, and the rest is just gravy. I have lots of fun, do lots of things. I just avoid complicating things.

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