Re: BODYMOD:Gender Reassignment Successful

Kathryn Aegis (
Wed, 8 Jul 1998 05:22:27 -0700 (PDT)

At 11:00 PM 7/7/98 +0100, Bryan Moss wrote:
>Do you have references for those blue mice figures? They seem awfully low.

: )

>Couldn't the "tomboyish" characteristic in both
>individuals be down to chromosomes? And the
>reaction of the first patient - rejecting dolls
>(is this the current method of defining gender -
>dolls or guns?), trying to urinate standing up,
>etc. - was, it seems, after he learned of the

To the first: quite probably. To the second: In neither case, the boy was never told of the operation, at least not until adulthood.

I agree that there are sociological issues involved, but the two studies are grounded in biological phenomena, and they are pointing to a window of actual biological mutability in babyhood. I have not yet had the opportunity to read the full study, probably not until this weekend.


Kathryn Aegis