Re: 1 g acceleration?

Hara Ra (
Tue, 07 Jul 1998 23:49:56 -0700

>Hara Ra wrote:
>> Depends on frame of reference. Aboard the ship, the power required rises
>> indefinitely, as does the perceived velocity relative to the universe due
>> to time dilation and space contraction. On Earth, you simply grow more
>> massive and keep approaching C, with an eventually constant power
>I don't think that's correct. In the ship reference frame, The ship gets no
>heavier, and therefore needs the same power as measured in its frame to
>the 1 g accel as measured in its frame. I think the relevant formula is
>In the earth frame, the ship is expending the same energy over a longer
time and
>is pushing a heavier ship. Its accel is therefore lower in this frame,
>asymptotically approaching 0 g as v approaches c.

Question is, where is the power source? I was assuming it to be on the earth.

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