Re: Dodge City/was Re: The End of Privacy?
Wed, 8 Jul 1998 01:28:49 EDT

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> Do the math. Five murders per very hundred thousand would be 50 murder per
> every million which would be 400 murders annually in NYC. I think that
> actually lower than that,

>>And the reality: more than a thousand murders a year from 1968-1996 and a
>>peak of nearly 2300.

>although I could be wrong.

Yup...apparently so.

>So your strategy is to to exchange issue-oriented arguments for psychological
>explanations of why others do not agree with those arguments? It'll
>make for a messy and pointless discussion.

This reminds me of a response to my "Bogus Barney" thread. <sigh>

Strategy? No...

A different way of looking at things perhaps. Perhaps a different way of looking at things might...MIGHT...allow us to "get a handle" on the problem?

>My point here, since I really do not want to become entangled in a long,
>detailed, gun-control debate, is that the facts simply are NOT clear, and
>to claim that gun-control advocates are simply caught up in a meme is to look
>at the issue with a very narrow frame of mind.

<< "Don't bother me with mind is made up".>>

>See above.

My point exactly.