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Randall R Randall (
Tue, 7 Jul 1998 21:40:51 -0400

On Tue, 7 Jul 1998 20:42:11 -0400 (EDT) Daniel Fabulich <> writes:
>On Mon, 6 Jul 1998, Randall R Randall wrote:
>> location, and in that
>> they are two distinct entities.
>Posh. If I switched them around behind your back, you'd never know; no
>one could ever know if I forgot about it myself.

Are you suggesting, though, that if they were conscious, that *they* would not
be able to tell themselves apart? It seems to me that you are saying that we cannot tell the difference between two copies
of an object, if and only if it cannot ever matter. But it seems clear that if we
could create an exact duplicate of you,
and shot you or your copy, you would
most certainly care which one was shot
(I hope. Anyway, *I* would care. :)

>> And the reverse, that two separate things
>> can really be the same thing (not just two
>> instances of a class, but identical), seems
>> extremely odd, to me. :-(
>> Here's another slant on the same area:
>> If you loan me a CD, and I take it to my
>> house and copy it, do you now own two
>> CDs? I would say not, but perhaps you
>> (and anyone who supports intellectual
>> property) would say yes? I am confused
>> as to how your position on IP can agree
>> with mine (as I have seen that it does)
>> and yet the most basic concept involved
>> causes a disagreement... Hm.
>We both own a copy the the CD. They are identical, the same. That is
>what I mean.

But the fact that each copy is
owned by only one person
means that you implicitly
recognize that they are not
the *same* copy, but two
separate objects, which happen
to be identical.


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