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><< Indeed; government is by its nature very unstable, and that's another
> reason for abolishing it.>>
>You're going to make governments illegal?

I dunno about him, but *I* would. We ban other sorts of crime, right? Why not organized crime, too?

>Are you kidding? It's not the train or bus ticket (about 35 dollars or
>every few hundred miles via Greyhound) it's the finding a place to stay
and a
>job after one arrives at where ever one is going. The job markets in
>areas tend to be more constricted.

But this isn't likely to be a problem, as few enough people will *want* to leave that the rural "job market" won't be overloaded.

> <<>But what's further, I don't think that anyone should HAVE to
> Fine; you can think what you like, but reality doesn't give a damn
> "should" or "should not". If they wish they're free to stay there and
> die in defence of their beliefs, but they'll die just the same. >>
>You miss the point. Instead of merely accepting that millions and
>more will die via terrorist attack, I think that there is a moral
>to take measures to reduce that possibility, ideally to nil.

Moral imperatives are all very fine, *if* there is a possibility of accomplishing it. I agree with Mark in that I see no way to affect the probability of widespread disaster in the near future. The Foresight Institute, private launch companies, and so on are already doing more than I could do for that, so the next thing to worry about is making sure that *I* and my friends/acquaintences/family survive. BTW, I think that this is something we should be working on somewhat more actively.


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