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At 03:35 PM 7/5/98 EDT, Andrew wrote:
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><< Police are more likely to kill innocent civilians in a shoot out
than they
>are to
> kill the criminals... hmmm
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>Right... so surely armed private citizens will somehow manage to
shoot just
>the criminals and not each other, right?

If you define a 'criminal' as one who would harm you or yours, it's pretty obvious if you are under attack by a criminal. Law abiding persons do not commit crimes, nor do they attack other citizens.

Therefore, if you see someone committing or attempting to commit a crime upon yourself or your family or property, you will be pretty unlikely to be shooting at an innocent. Police, on the other hand, sometimes try to apprehend a suspect based on appearance or proximity to an alleged crime scene, and sometimes will end up shooting an innocent bystander because of their race, clothing, or 'suspicious' behavior.

I am reminded of an incident a few years back where police shot and killed a child with a toy gun - one of those plastic things with the signal orange muzzle, nonetheless. They saw the kid hiding in the bushes with a 'weapon' and assumed the worst..I believe this happened in Wisconsin, possibly near Milwaukee..

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