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At 11:17 AM 7/3/98 EDT, Andrew wrote:
>Interesting explanation for high violent crime in America. It's not
the fact
>that so many have guns, it's the fact that not ENOUGH people have
>According to your reasoning, if EVERYONE had a gun, crime would
>dramatically. Thanks, but I'd rather not turn this country into a
>version of Dodge City.

Dodge City was a lawless frontier. Modern American cities are places where because of the population density, there are high concentrations of criminals. These criminals, because of their nature, tend to ignore 'gun control' laws such as the Brady Bill, and purchase their arms from the black market, or steal them.

In cities where concealed carry laws are in effect (Florida and Texas) there is a lower incidence of violent crime than in cities that prohibit law abiding people from even owning a gun (Chicago and Washington DC).

The armed citizen is nothing to fear; he is civilized and will not start shooting unless there is no other way to defend himself. The disarmed citizen is at the mercy of the criminals, and possibly, of the police state that will inevitably evolve to cope with them.

Concealed carry laws restrict the right to carry to those who meet several tests of behavior and training. There are plenty of laws on the books to deal with the very few who obtain a permit and abuse their right.

If all stable, intelligent people carried a gun at all times, the incidence of violent crime would plummet, because all but the most stupid of criminals would realize they are playing Russian roulette by attempting to commit crimes.

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