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Mon, 6 Jul 1998 12:31:22 -0700 (PDT)

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>This seems to me to be a very common mistake. :) The music
>*isn't* the "same"; it is only very similar. That is, they are
>not really one piece of music, but two, that happen to differ
>only in location. They do differ, though.

This is completely wrong, that is say that the E mail message you sent me contained erroneous ideas, I have no way of knowing if the original message you typed on your computer was right or wrong because I never saw it, all I saw was a copy and that's just not the same thing.

>I will agree with this. There is no way to tell the difference,

If there is no way to tell the difference then what makes you think there is a difference?


>Of course, if the CDs themselves are expected to be aware, then the
>first CD will never know it is "offline", any more than other dead
>people know that they are dead.

For some reason in these thought experiments people always identify with the "original", just for fun imagine what it's like to be the "copy". You may have been created only 5 minutes age but it doesn't matter because you have the memories of Randall R Randall, you remember being the Randall R Randall of yesterday so the Randall R Randall of yesterday is not dead. Death means having a last thought and Randall R Randall hasn't had one of those yet.

I probably haven't convinced you but I'll bet I could have if only you'd seen my original message, it was great and would have really knocked your socks off but unfortunately you'll just have to settle for a copy.

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