Re: The image of transhumanism

Robin Hanson (
Mon, 06 Jul 1998 11:08:43 -0700

Anders writes:
>First impressions last. If people come upon transhumanism as some kind
>of new age cult, right-wing extremism or fascism they will treat it
>like that, and not investigate further. They will even spread the
>word, and we all end up shunned by decent company. But I want my
>membership in Aleph and Extropy Institute to be something to be proud
>of, something that looks good on my CV!

This seems too much to hope for. But it may be possible to create sub-associations to be that proud of. I'd really love for there to be an academic quality journal of transhuman issues. The Journal of Transhumanism ( is an attempt, but we have yet to see how far it will succeed. (I have the latest article there, which is crying for some open peer review.)

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