Re: Guns and Transhumans (Was:The End of Privacy ?)

Dwayne (
Mon, 06 Jul 1998 20:16:12 +1000

Michael Lorrey wrote:

> The best I can figure, having starting off with a population that has been
> filtered of its dissatisfied elements (emigrated to the US, as opposed to
> Australia and NZ populations, which started off with prisoners and shifted to
> plantation owners)

New Zealand, to the best of my knowledge, was settled by white people, as well as having a fairly numerous native population. It was a destination for transportation.

Australia was settled, originally, by convicts, yes, but that ended a very long time ago (although it is useful for ignorant foreigners to trot out on occasion as some sort of point-scoring token), and more than 50% of the current Australian population was born overseas. Stereotypes are occasionally useful, but they need to be correct to be so.