objections for FAQ

Brent Allsop (allsop@swttools.fc.hp.com)
Sun, 5 Jul 1998 18:58:09 -0600

Nick <bostrom@ndirect.co.uk> asked for 5 objections:

It's very hard for me to grasp any significant objections so many seem to have about transhumanism. Some people seem to work off of assumtions like there is absolutely no way for man to discover immortality regardless of how much he progresses.

Next, resurrection (or anything better) of those long since dead, is so much more unimaginable. And what good is a heaven without our beloved deceased that gave us that heaven?

The human psyche seems to have a fascination of "borg" like stories. This seems to feed on itself generating mems of abhorence towards anything more than human.

That's not 5, but it's a start for me.