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> > They gotta find some way to feel safe while their little freakshow of white
> > suburban America disolves...
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Aw, Nadia, now now. While suburban LA might be a freakshow, and to someone living in the freakshows of any major metropolitan city in America might view our Norman Rockwellian lifestyle as freakish, it is hardly dissolving. Considering that major cities which are trying to redevelop their urban neighborhoods are latching onto the 'urban village' concept, it seems to me that the tide is in the other direction. As for the 'white' connotation, I am insulted and ask for an apology. As far as I know, I have never uttered a racist comment on this list, and I resent you trying to turn this conversation into a class/race conflict. That sort of behavior is typically only practiced by democratic party operatives...

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