Re: Let's do an FAQ! (was: The image of transhumanism)

Nick Bostrom (
Sun, 5 Jul 1998 23:12:16 +0000

Greg Burch wrote:

> Note that some of these questions have been addressed fairly well in the FAQs
> you'll find at Alcor's and Extropy Institute's web sites.

Yes, we will probably be able to use a lot of that when we try to develop some good answers (say next week). What I have in mind is a general FAQ for transhumanism, which will have to be somewhat different from an FAQ for cryonics or extropianism. Part of the result can then also be used to update the extropians FAQ, as Max suggests. For the extropian version we may want to modify some of the answers that deals with the political and economical aspects of transhumanism.

Nick Bostrom
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