Re: The End of Privacy ?

Gerhard Kessell-Haak (
Mon, 06 Jul 1998 09:50:44 +1200

>Guess what? gun ownership here in the US is a minority as well,
>especially in the cities where crime is highest. Out here in the rural
>areas, like where I live, gun ownership is higher, and we have much
>lower crime rates, even lower than most other countries. Where the
>crime in the US is is in the cities, where the most restrictive gun laws
>are...interesting coincidence, eh?

You're confusing causative agents with simple correlation. There are so many possible reasons for the reduced crime rate in the rural areas (ranging from differences in lead ingestion and fluoride concentration in drinking water, to population density, socioeconomic indexes, to gun ownership) that it becomes almost impossible to ascribe a causative element to any one of them.

I have yet to hear of any study which takes all other factors into account to show a causative connection between gun ownership and reduced crime rates.