Re: Re: The image of transhumanism
Sun, 5 Jul 1998 17:52:23 EDT

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>replied that we are survivalists (in the sense of not wanting
>> to die prematurely and doing something about it), often believe in a
>> singularity and would have great use for an island nation with
>> transhumanism-friendly laws. This is of course true, but misses the
>> point in a rather revealing way.
>No, I don't think I've missed the point, lines 4-6 acknowledge your
>PR concerns.
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yes, but beyond the "PR" question, in my mind, there is simply an adversion to the whole survivalist meme, one post recently called the singularity a WOLF - suggesting we are up against some kind of apocolyptic evil force, and like pigs to be taken to slaughter - if we don't prepare for the worst - etc -etc-

not all transhumans see the singularity as a bad thing, or even something unnatural - surviving a day of surfing is way different than catching the biggest wave and riding it with mastery.