Re: Re: Justice's Return (Was: Re: The End of Privacy ?)
Sun, 5 Jul 1998 17:39:34 EDT

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>Yes, we have a saying here: A Republican is merely a Democrat who has been
>mugged. Come back and say that after you have been vicitmized thus.

There is a basic difference in choice, other than a taxation bracket - hopefully one you do not ignore. Republican vote often supports a whole crapload of laws that deem the government able to regulate moral behavior, pornography, school programs, sexual education, arts and entertainment content.. the list grows daily... religious freedom, soon... maybe... (?)

This path does notdo not represent more freedom! It just caters to certain interests more than others.. (yours...?)

You seem to be suggesting that they support a libertarian platform.. They don't - they merely mouth "lower taxes: less centralized government" while stealing as much if not more (just from different areas) and directing it covertly.